As a leader tasked with overseeing people, you want a marriage known for health, healing and intimacy.

In our world, where research says over 25% of ministry marriages face significant struggles, often facing them alone, you don’t want to be a headline due to collapse from busyness, demands and distractions.
Discover The Totality of Who You Can Be Together.

We believe that you can have a fantastic marriage and be a great leader. It doesn't have to be one or the other.

It's time to revitalize your marriage, reigniting the passion and connection you've always wanted. When you do this, you'll find new levels of joy, peace and productivity in leadership.

Being A Leader And Staying In A Healthy Marriage Is Tough
We understand what it’s like to be pulled apart by constant access from others, unscheduled emergencies, and overwhelming expectations.

You can trust One-Heart’s Certification as Thriving Relationship Coaches with our over 40 years in leadership experience. We also have 47 years of marital growth and over 30 years in counselling (PhD).

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You can experience new levels of joy in your marriage and leadership.

You don't have to feel stuck in the maze of tension between the relationship you want at home and the outside expectations demanding your time and attention.

We have a clear roadmap and tools toward health, healing and hope so you can discover the totality of who you can be together.

If you are confident you want to move further, book a call to sort out your plan.

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One-Heart offers you three phases of coaching depending on your dreams and desires.

Here's our simple process:
Phase One
Heart-Focused Relationship
Phase Two
Healing-Centered Relationship
Phase Three
Healthy Intimacy

Imagine how great it would feel to finally have that heart-focused, healing-centered, and healthy intimacy.

You deserve the chance to experience the totality of who you can be together.
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