Thriving Relationship Endorsement
Christine Eartheart

"It has been such a deep honor and joy to witness the ways Jack shows up to skillfully support others with incredible warmth, compassion, humility, generosity, wisdom, and depth. He is a treasure chest of insight, kindness, and intelligence and expertly supports couples in reconnecting to the heart of what matters most in their relationships. His own embodiment of what he teaches radiates from him and brings out the best in those around him, inspiring individuals and couples alike. He has my wholehearted recommendation!".


It has been a true pleasure working with Jack. His genuine and compassionate nature coupled with years of experience, sets Jack apart as an invaluable resource that has proven to be a beacon of insight and wisdom. Practical tools and exercises provided by Jack are exceptionally effective in promoting self-awareness and understanding within the dynamics of relationships. Whether it's communication strategies, conflict resolution techniques, or fostering intimacy, Jack equips ministry leaders with tangible skills that can be immediately applied to their most important relationship.

Rick and Lynn Jenkins

Clients often feel lighter, feel relief about sharing their goals and obstacles, and feel positive appreciation for their partner after having worked through the steps to move forward.

As clients achieve those objectives there can be a range of outcomes including increased confidence, pride, happiness, improved relationships, more effective communication skills, better work performance, more work-life balance and overall improvements in wellness.  


"If you are like 80% of ministry leaders who feel their marriage has been negatively impacted by their ministry then I highly recommend you check out 1 Heart Coaching.  Dr. Jack Taylor has both the training and commitment to help your marriage go to the next levels of health and intimacy."  

Steve Sundby, former pastor and founder of Two Step Coaching + Consulting


"Dr. Jack Taylor is a ministry veteran who has given his life to helping others, including those leading churches and on the fringes of society. Through years of service, he has maintained both wisdom and compassion, placing people before the systems and business of ministry. Speaking out of his concern for others and ability to build quality one-to-one relationships, Jack will be able to speak into your marriage with a wealth of experience and expertise."

Dr. David Horita, Regional Director, Fellowship Pacific


"In the tumultuous times we are in, leaders need to take a step back and ensure not only their own emotional and spiritual health but prioritize the health of their marriage and family. Jack and Gayle have been through the vicissitudes of ministry life and know what takes to go the distance. My wife and I can speak from experience: You will only be enriched by time spent with them!"

Pastor Jeremy MacDonald, Lead Pastor, Faith Fellowship Baptist Church


"Jack and Gayle and my wife and I have journeyed beside each other for over 40 years both in Kenya and Vancouver.  I can attest to the pressures and pains this couple have faced and the support they have offered countless others from 50-plus ethnic backgrounds.  Needless to say, they have enormous hearts of compassion and incredible wisdom to offer others.  In the pressure cooker of life, they have also prioritized their marriage and family relationships with a view to health and growth, whatever the cost.
Today's leaders, both new and seasoned, face incredibly unique challenges.  The failures of current and former leaders are emblazoned across the internet.  The expectations of followers are very different. Respect must be earned, not assumed.  Societal pressures on their own marriages and families continue to grow exponentially.  Seasoned leaders cannot afford to coast on past experience for relational health.  They must be lifelong learners committed to growth.  This is where the partnership with an experienced coach is priceless."
Pastor Mark Buhler, Missionary with Fellowship International
I would wholeheartedly recommend OneHeart Coaching as it enables couples to flourish in their marriages and impact their spheres of influence.  For almost a decade I have enjoyed the privilege of meeting in an accountability/ friendship trio with Jack Taylor.  Jack and his wife Gayle shine with an authenticity that overflows into wise counsel and humble, effective leadership.  Time spent with this couple will be a strategic investment in your marriage and leadership capacity. 
Leaders today live in a cultural fishbowl.  They can no longer pretend that their personal lives do not spill into their public personas.  I highly recommend ONEHHEART as a resource that will share the tools of a dynamic healthy marriage so that leaders can cause their spouses to flourish and their spheres of influence to thrive. 
Pastor David MacBain, Fellowship Pastor

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